The 2015 Arts Alive Auction Guide will be available for viewing on this website after the Unveiling Reception on Saturday, February 14, 2015. See below for more information.

The signature activity of the 101 Artists' Colony each year is the Arts Alive Exhibit.  For 2015, 99 artists have painted an original work of art that will be displayed on street lights along six miles of Coast Highway throughout downtown Encinitas, Leucadia, and Cardiff (including the Seaside Market parking lot).

Presented and administered by:
101 Artists' Colony, Cardiff 101, and Leucadia 101.

2015 Sponsors:
Cardiff Seaside Market, Hansen, and SPY Optic.

Thank you to the artists and to our Sponsors for ensuring our stretch of Highway 101 is filled with color and fine art for months on end.

2015 Arts Alive Events:
Unveiling Reception: Saturday, February 14, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm at 1950 N. Coast Hwy (former Cabo Grill). TheUnveiling Reception will be the "reveal" that premiers the Exhibit (the unveiling will occur shortly after 12:00 pm after a group countdown). Watching this many paintings unveiled all at once nd on display for the first time is a spectacular event not to be missed. The site of the 2015 Unveiling Reception, the former Cabo Grill building, is one block south of La Costa Ave. on Coast Hwy and provides panoramic views of the ocean and plenty of parking at the top of the hill for the more than 200 guests expected to attend, including city and county luminaries, artists, and art lovers from all walks of life. It is the Art Event of the Year and it is Free. Silent bidding begins at the Reception and continues while the artwork is on display on the Coast Hwy by phoning bids to Leucadia 101 at 760-436-2320. The bidding culiminates in the Live Auction.

Live Auction: 
Sunday, June 7, 2:00 pm at Cardiff Town Center at the corner of San Elijo Rd at Birmingham, Cardiff.

Professional auctioneer, Rich Houk, volunteers his services for the live auction.  This is a free event open to the public.  It is so much fun. Come to the auction and meet our artists and most important, purchase fine art at a fraction of its true value!

Minimum bid is $150.00. Each artist keeps 50% of the sale proceeds with the other 50% going to either 101 Artists' Colony, Cardiff 101, or Leucadia 101. Sales tax is added to the purchase price.

Silent bids may be placed at the Unveiling Reception, then by phone to Leucadia 101 throughout the period the exhibit is on display on the light poles (February-May) right up to the morning of the Live Auction. Come to the Live Auction to make sure you aren't outbid on your favorite banners! It's a great time and FREE.

Program expenses are paid by 101 Artists' Colony, Cardiff 101, and Leucadia 101 with support of our sponsors.

A number of artists designate their share of proceeds to non-profit and/or charitable organizations.

These one-of-a-kind pieces of original fine art demonstrate the scope of talented artists in our community.  We appreciate your support in attending our events and purchasing these fine art pieces that look great in any venue!